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WeeChat: Version 0.2.2 ()

WeeChat 0.2.2 is available!

News since last version are:
- added new charset plugin, which replaces internal /charset command: fixes many bugs with charsets, WeeChat internal is now full UTF-8
- added "modifier" in plugins API: plugins are now able to modify or drop received IRC messages
- added filename completion
- added anti-flood mechanism
- added keys to scroll topic
- added new option to send unknown IRC commands
- improved /plugin command
- pdf version of documentation is back
- fixed many bugs: portability, memleak in keyboard input, ignore and alias commands, many display bugs.

WeeChat download page
v0.2.2 ChangeLog

New comment
Finally - the coolest terminal based irc client out there!
Posted by Tikker,
I've been using weechat-ncurses for some two years now, and it's been among the best clients all the time - had it not been for the i18n support that really drove me nuts. We have Umlauts in German, you know ;-)
But now that bug has finally been fixed and there's nothing more to complain about - great job guys!

For those who haven't tried weechat yet:
If you are looking for a decent client you can run e.g. in a screen to attach from anywhere in the world and that can handle all your servers and #s simultaneously, call off the search: you have found what you were looking for.
This isn't really charset enabled version
Posted by Stingray,
In many localized IRC networks it is common to patch ircd to allow localized nicknames. So, it is really needed to convert the entire command with nick alltogether.
Re: This isn't really charset enabled version
Posted by Stingray,
This is easily fixed though by converting entire argv[1] (I already did it here). Which is not good (still) is width calculation for multibyte chars in UI. It is obvious that nick | chat delimiter will drift left occasionally, depending on how many multibyte chars will be in nickname. But I think that the fix is also trivial.
Re: This isn't really charset enabled version
Posted by FlashCode,
Russian users reported problem, it is now fixed in CVS. A new version will be released soon with this fix.
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