FlashTux.org is a website hosting free software for free OS (Linux, BSD, etc.).

Key dates

1999: FlashCode's page

Language / environment: PHP.

Creation of the FlashCode's page, with tools and games I am developing.

: FlashTux.org

Language / environment: PHP, MySQL.

Creation of FlashTux.org, in replacement of FlashCode's page.
Hosted projects like the EciAdsl driver are growing and become stable.
Dynamic parts of website (like news, EciAdsl modems, programs, etc.) are now stored in a database.

: major update

Language / environment: PHP, MySQL.

Major update of website:

: full rewrite

Language / environment: Python / Django, PostgreSQL.

FlashTux.org (formerly the "FlashCode's webpage") is turning 20!
Full rewrite of the site, source code is now available.

Source code

The source code of this website is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/flashtux

All pages are written with text editor, no web page editor or CMS (Content Management System) are used.

This website and software available on this website are free, source code is provided and you can redistribute it under GNU GPL licence conditions.
FlashTux.org is not responsible of any data/hardware damage due to use of software available on this website.

Pages conformity

FlashTux.org pages are conform to W3C HTML 5 recommendation.
Therefore, any browser compatible with theses recommendations should display website without any problem.


FlashTux.org team is actively fighting against spam.
Your e-mail address will NEVER be sent to anyone, neither displayed on website.

Technical info

Web hoster: Hetzner
Host: flashtux.org


e-mail: webmaster@flashtux.org
IRC: server irc.libera.chat, nick FlashCode, channels: #weechat, #weechat-fr