Important: W3BlackList has been discontinued, the website is read-only and not updated any more.
Why W3Blacklist?

The World Wide Web has been created to ensure anyone can freely access information and share it. Some people or companies forget this goal and create websites that can only be accessed through a defined browser, operating system, or both.
W3Blacklist is listing websites (companies, government or organizations; not personal pages) that discriminate visitors according to their operating system or web browser. Webmaster is contacted before adding website to this list. Our goal is that webmaster modify page to be readable by all, whatever browser or OS used.
To help us you can submit website with problem or mail webmasters for websites in database.
W3BlackList is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.

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W3Blacklist open ()

W3Blacklist is now open, after almost one year of interruption. Original website (created by Cédric Malherbe), at has been rewritten.
Database has been kept and will be slowly updated (any help welcome, contact webmaster if interested).

This website is here to make the W3C standards respected. It denounces any website (commercial or governemt) which discriminate visitors according to their operating system or web browser.
There is regular mailings to webmasters, in the hope the website will me modified to be compliant with standards. Letters templates are available for your mails.

Features of old website are still there:
- websites list with search bar,
- new website submit (gives place to tests and moderation),
- documentation about standards and their importance,
- letters templates to send to webmasters,
- FAQ about website,
- support with mail and IRC.

New features have been added:
- mail alert when changes on a selected website,
- follow-up of the mails sent to webmasters, and answers received.

Websites list
Letters templates