1. My sound card is properly installed but not detected. What can I do?

Under Dos/Windows, run game choosing appropriate port and IRQ.
Example: "ftris -port220 -irq5" if sound card is on port 220h and IRQ 5.
Under Dos/Windows, only SoundBlaster or 100% compatible are supported.
Under Windows 9x, install SB16 Emulation driver (in case of necessity).
Under Windows 2000, install SoundFX 2000 or VdmSound.
Under Linux, all cards are supported.

2. Game hangs up when "Initializing sound…"

Under Dos/Windows, modify port and/or IRQ (see FAQ #1).
Otherwise, run game without sound/music: "ftris -nosound"

3. Game hangs up during intro.

Disable introduction: "ftris -nointro" (and see FAQ #7).

4. Game hangs up with error message "svgalib: Cannot get I/O permissions" (Linux only)

Svgalib requires "root" privileges to access video card.
You must be connected as "root" user to run FlashTris or you must activate "setuid" bit on executable (issue "chmod +s ./ftris" command as "root" user).

5. Game hangs up with error message "svgalib: mmap error in paged screen memory" (Linux only)

This is an error of svgalib with kernels 2.3.x and 2.4.x.
Download last version of svgalib with sources (here: https://www.svgalib.org) and compile it without option "BACKGROUND = Y" in file Makefile.cfg (comment this line).

6. Menu and/or game are very slow.

In "advanced" menu (under burning title): disable menu's flames and/or motion pixels.
With 80486 processor or less, it is advisable to install a pedal (and to pedal fast!).

7. There is a bug in game!

Send complete description to: flashcode@flashtux.org

8. Author merits to be remunerate.

All gifts are welcome.