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WeeChat: Version 0.0.9 ()

WeeChat 0.0.9 is available!

News since last version are:
- auto reconnection to server when disconnected (and fixed bug: 100% CPU usage after disconnection),
- new "/buffer close" command (lets you close a server buffer),
- "/notice" command fixed,
- colors delete in incoming messages (existing option "look_remove_colors_from_msgs"),
- new keys Ctrl-A, Ctrl-E, Ctrl-W, Alt-S, Alt-X,
- new setup options: server_autoreconnect, sserver_autoreconnect_delay, server_command_delay.

WeeChat download page
v0.0.9 ChangeLog


W3BlackList: W3Blacklist open ()

W3Blacklist is now open, after almost one year of interruption. Original website (created by Cédric Malherbe), at w3blacklist.tuxfamily.org has been rewritten.
Database has been kept and will be slowly updated (any help welcome, contact webmaster if interested).

This website is here to make the W3C standards respected. It denounces any website (commercial or governemt) which discriminate visitors according to their operating system or web browser.
There is regular mailings to webmasters, in the hope the website will me modified to be compliant with standards. Letters templates are available for your mails.

Features of old website are still there:
- websites list with search bar,
- new website submit (gives place to tests and moderation),
- documentation about standards and their importance,
- letters templates to send to webmasters,
- FAQ about website,
- support with mail and IRC.

New features have been added:
- mail alert when changes on a selected website,
- follow-up of the mails sent to webmasters, and answers received.

Websites list
Letters templates


EciAadsl: Version 0.10 ()

Driver version 0.10 is available.

Among the news:
- scripts have been renamed, prefixed by "eciadsl-",
- new modems support (new Globespan chipsets are still supported by Nortek version, not yet merged),
- USB 2.0 module (ehci-hcd) doesn't disturb eciadsl-start any more,
- new packages for Fedora Core 2 and Debian PPC,
- many bugs fixed.

Please note: this version still requires patch for any kernel between 2.6.0 and 2.6.6.

EciAdsl download page


EciAadsl: Story of a different driver ()

New page with whole EciAdsl story has been added: all from beginning (and even before) until today (and even after).

EciAdsl, story of a different driver


WeeChat: Version 0.0.8 ()

WeeChat 0.0.8 is available!

News since last version are:
- DCC incoming file,
- away announced in channels,
- logging buffers to disk (optional),
- auto-join when kicked (optional),
- Ctrl-L key: redraw terminal,
- Alt-R key: clear hotlist,
- improved or fixed commands: /buffer, /query, /kick,
- many bugs fixed.

WeeChat download page
v0.0.8 ChangeLog


EciAadsl: Turkish documentation ()

EciAdsl installation guide is now available in turkish version (thanks to Onur Kurt).

EciAdsl documentation


EciAadsl: German documentation ()

EciAdsl installation guide is now available in german version (thanks to Thorsten Hirsch).

EciAdsl documentation


EciAadsl: Help EciAdsl project ()

EciAdsl project is now accepting donations with Paypal account on Sourceforge project page (see link below).
Donations will be used to maintain the computers used to develop up to date and to test the EciAdsl driver and other free projets developers contribute in.
Thank you in advance for your donations.

Help EciAdsl project

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WeeChat: Version 0.0.7 ()

WeeChat 0.0.7 is available!

News since last version are:
- new channels management, with numbered buffers,
- multi-windows management with /window and /buffer commands,
- auto jump to buffers with activity (Alt-A),
- jump to buffers by number (Alt-number),
- unique color for each nick (based on nickname),
- history limit (saves memory).

WeeChat download page
v0.0.7 ChangeLog


WeeChat: Major new features ()

WeeChat has many new important features since some weeks:
- multi-windows management (with horizontal and vertical window split)
- buffers managed by number, with direct access by Alt+digit key or with new /buffer command
- auto jump to buffers with activity (Alt-A)

All new features are in CVS and development version. /window and /buffer commands are still under development.
Feel free to report any problem or suggestion to improve navigation between buffers/windows.

Last version screenshot
WeeChat download page, development version