Documentation EciAdsl / OpenBSD ()

A documentation for installing EciAdsl driver on OpenBSD has been written by Benoit Papillault.
This can be useful for installing driver on other BSD versions.

Documentation EciAdsl / OpenBSD

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Re: Documentation EciAdsl / OpenBSD
Posted by ouatsefie,
Hi All
Did someone succed in running the driver on NetBSD 1.6.2 ?

After hard insvetigations i succed in compiling it and and running the two following commands correctly

./eci-load1 0x0547 0x2131 0x0915 0x8000 firmware00.bin

./eci-load2 0x0915 0x8000 synch01.bin

But the last one

ppp -background adsl did not succed
and i've in my /var/log/messages

the bloody messages

ppp[309]: tun0: Phase: Unknown protocol 0x0063
Child failed (errdead)

Can someone help me please ?

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