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WeeChat: Version 0.1.5 ()

WeeChat 0.1.5 is available!

News since last version are:
- added /ame command (send CTCP action to all channels of all connected servers),
- added setting "irc_notice_as_pv" to see notices as pv,
- added nicks colors in setup file,
- added /ignore and /unignore commands,
- signal SIGQUIT is now ignored,
- jump to next server now saves current channel buffer for each server,
- ctrl-up/ctrl-down keys added to call previous/next command in global history (common to all buffers),
- many major bugs fixed.

WeeChat download page
v0.1.5 ChangeLog

New comment
ncurses - double recoding ?
Posted by AshMAN,

I see own msg's decoded twice. Another msg's is right.

HELP ! 8)
Re: ncurses - double recoding ?
Posted by FlashCode,
Please join us on IRC for support:
server: irc.freenode.net, channel: #weechat
Re: WeeChat version 0.1.5
Posted by Handco,

apparemment, il y aurait un problème avec /SQUERY, qui refuse un texte comportant des espaces.

WeeChat Error: wrong argument count for IRC command "squery" (expected: 2 args)

Ce qui est un peu dur pour envoyer quelque chose a un bot par exemple.

Re: WeeChat version 0.1.5
Posted by FlashCode,
Pourquoi squery ? Je te conseille plutot d'utiliser /query ou /msg pour ça.
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