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EciAadsl: Version 0.11 ()

Driver version 0.11 is available.

Among the news:
- EciAdsl Nortek driver merged within standard eciadsl release,
- synch process automatic retry on fail,
- new pppoeci process protocol handling (eoc's handling),
- pppoeci soft disconnection,
- new program eciadsl-ctrlui (base user interface) at this moment it handles only disconnection process,
- added eciadsl-testconnection script,
- many bug fixed.

Please note: this version still requires patch for any kernel between 2.6.0 and 2.6.6.

EciAdsl download page


WeeChat: Paypal donations ()

WeeChat project now accepts donations via Paypal account, with secured payment.

Donations page


WeeChat: Version 0.1.4 ()

WeeChat 0.1.4 is available!

News since last version are:
- new keyboard management, fully customizable
- DCC timeout and auto resume failed transfers
- new color for private messages (in hotlist)
- new colors for join and part/quit (arrows)
- customizable highlights with irc_highlight var
- command /amsg added
- channels auto-prefixed by "#" for /join command
- added time with seconds in infobar
- many bugs fixed.

Note for users upgrading to version 0.1.4 from old version:
Config parameter "irc_infobar_timestamp" should be modified to remove time.
For example, replace "%B, %A %d %Y - %H:%M" by "%B, %A %d %Y".

WeeChat download page
v0.1.4 ChangeLog


EciAadsl: Test call for version 0.11-beta1 ()

EciAdsl driver goes on and now a 0.11-beta1 version is available for testing purpose.
We need help for testing this version, thank you for reporting us quickly any problem with this package, which may become soon version 0.11!

Thank you for your help.

Version 0.11-beta1


WeeChat: Version 0.1.3 ()

WeeChat 0.1.3 is available!

News since last version are:
- IPv6 added
- SSL added
- proxy support added (http, socks4, socks5)
- /set command now completed
- channels notify now saved in config file
- many bugs fixed.

WeeChat download page
v0.1.3 ChangeLog


WeeChat: Version 0.1.2 ()

WeeChat 0.1.2 is available!

News since last version are:
- Python plugin support, Perl interface improved
- nicklist scroll keys (Alt+{home/end/pgup/pgdn} or F11/F12)
- DCC files transfer rate
- buffers timestamp can now be changed
- compile is ok under *BSD and Mac OS X
- missing IRC commands added (307, 341, 485, 671)
- fixed some bugs: crash when purging old DCC, crash with 64-bits arch (like AMD64) when converting UTF-8, nicklist sort.

Add-on, 2005-05-24: fixed crash at startup and Perl/Python detection, version is now

WeeChat download page
v0.1.2 ChangeLog


WeeChat: Version 0.1.1 ()

WeeChat 0.1.1 is available!

News since last version are:
- new display engine: doesn't cut words at end of lines
- DCC send (file) and DCC chat
- FIFO pipe for remote control
- connection to IRC server is now made by child process (non blocking)
- nicks count for channel buffers
- crash dump when WeeChat receives SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault)
- new commands: /ban, /unban, /kickban, /halfop, /dehalfop
- UnrealIrcd IRC servers support
- spanish translation
- bugs fixed (display and commands)

WeeChat download page
v0.1.1 ChangeLog


FlashTux: Wiki ()

A wiki has been added to FlashTux website.
Feel free to improve it: add documents, fixes, translations, etc.

FlashTux Wiki


WeeChat: Version 0.1.0 ()

WeeChat 0.1.0 is available!

News since last version are:
- improved /window command: now split and merge are ok
- away nicks are now displayed with another color (new option: "irc_away_check")
- added away indicator in status bar
- added lag indicator (and auto-disconnect after a delay if important lag)
- improved completion: now completes commands arguments (IRC and internal)
- improved /set command: empty strings are allowed, new colors, server options can be changed while WeeChat is running
- added default away/part/quit messages in config file
- new [irc] section in config file
- added new options for charset (UTF-8 support)
- fixed many memory leaks
- fixed commands: /op, /deop, /voice, /devoice, /me, /away
- many bugs fixed.

WeeChat download page
v0.1.0 ChangeLog


FlashTux: RSS format for news ()

FlashTux news and all subsites are now available as RSS 2.0 format.
Link to RSS page is displayed on the right for all news pages.

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