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Centre Hospitalier Mulhouse






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*** Updated on 2003-11-25 ***

Fast change from the webmaster, problem is partially fixed. But the browser detection is still there and based on the browser name. A solution based on browser features (GetElementById, document.all, document.layers) has been sent to the webmaster, waiting for an answer.

*** Updated on 2004-12-01 ***

Site is OK with Mozilla and Opera, still not working with Konqueror (3.3.1): "Stop" sign showing the supported browsers.

*** Updated on 2005-12-11 ***

Website fixed.

Anonymous comment,
Je viens de tester le site avec konqueror 3.2.3 et le plugin flash installé sur Debian, il n'y a pas de souci. Mais c'est sur que du flash n'est pas très pratique si on veut utiliser un navigateur en mode texte (mal voyants).
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