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WeeChat: Version 0.2.3 ()

WeeChat 0.2.3 is available!
This version fixes major bugs of version 0.2.2. All users of version 0.2.2 should upgrade now.

News since last version are:
- fixed many bugs with charset plugin
- fixed display bugs with nicklist at top/bottom when look_nicklist_separator is OFF
- fixed topic scroll when topic has multi-bytes chars
- fixed compilation problem with iconv under FreeBSD.

WeeChat download page
v0.2.3 ChangeLog

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Re: WeeChat version 0.2.3
Posted by FlashCode,
Check your locale, now it has to be ok otherwise weechat will not decode/encode properly messages. Look at charset message at startup, you should see something like:
-P- Charset plugin starting, terminal charset: ISO-8859-2 (WeeChat internal: UTF-8)
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