Version 0.12 ()

Driver version 0.12 is available.

Among the news:
- fixed synchronization for last kernels (≥ 2.6.18),
- new modems supported,
- many bugs fixed.

Please note: this version still requires patch for any kernel between 2.6.0 and 2.6.6.

EciAdsl download page
v0.12 ChangeLog

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Re: Version 0.12 available
Posted by Leander,
I installed eciadsl-usermode-0.12-1.i386 in Fedora 10. Everything went fine, but after start I get message uhci-hcd module does not exist. Further all seems going fine untill step 4/5connection when this lasts forever without obtaining connection.
Im am rather new to linux.
In config I have chosen the good things, like Belgacom, Skynet, chipset etc.

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