DSLAM parameters ()

New major feature has been added to CVS version of driver.
It is now possible to modify DSLAM parameters remotely.
Main goal is to modify his line speed. For example: from 128 kbits/sec to 512 or from 512 to 1024.
Warning: no test has been made with degrouped line or another speed.
Technically, we send 4 bytes (and 2 for speed) to the DSLAM, after authentication step.
To activate this option, you have to install latest CVS version and add this line to your /etc/eciadsl/eciadsl.conf file:
DSLAM=0x50 0x3A 0x67 0x00 0xZZ 0x00
To change speed from 128 to 512, replace ZZ by 02 (0x0200 = 512), from 512 to 1024 by 04 (0x0400 = 1024).
Warning: all other value or incorrect data may prevent you from connecting definitively (manual intervention of your provider required).
We are not responsible of any data/hardware damage due to this feature.
For any question or to know more about other possible modifications (under test), feel free to contact us.
Have a nice surf!

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Re: DSLAM parameters
Posted by FlashCode,
Please look at next news and link, which is: http://eciadsl.flashtux.org/dslam/
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