Version 0.30 alpha ()


Version 0.30 alpha, binary for Linux

  • dynamically compiled
  • X-Window version under development
  • must be run as "root" user (see FAQ #4)
  • compatible with 2.4.x kernels (see FAQ)
  • required libraries: (svgalib),,,

Version 0.30 alpha, binary for Windows

  • compatible with Windows 2000 (see FAQ)
  • network game under development (scheduled for next version)
  • binary required: cwsdpmi.exe (20.0 KB)

Version 0.30 alpha, source code

  • distributed under GPL license (see COPYING file)
  • for Windows: DJGPP compiler required

Version 0.30 alpha, data files

  • data files for FlashTris (musics, graphics, etc.)
  • you must unpack this file into FlashTris directory
  • with these files and source code, you can compile and run FlashTris.