WeeChat: Version 0.2.2

Posted by FlashCode, 2007-01-06 01:47
WeeChat 0.2.2 is available!

News since last version are:
- added new charset plugin, which replaces internal /charset command: fixes many bugs with charsets, WeeChat internal is now full UTF-8
- added "modifier" in plugins API: plugins are now able to modify or drop received IRC messages
- added filename completion
- added anti-flood mechanism
- added keys to scroll topic
- added new option to send unknown IRC commands
- improved /plugin command
- pdf version of documentation is back
- fixed many bugs: portability, memleak in keyboard input, ignore and alias commands, many display bugs.

      -  WeeChat download page
      -  v0.2.2 ChangeLog
Finally - the coolest terminal based irc client out there!
Posted by Tikker, 2007-01-06 10:38
I've been using weechat-ncurses for some two years now, and it's been among the best clients all the time - had it not been for the i18n support that really drove me nuts. We have Umlauts in German, you know ;-)
But now that bug has finally been fixed and there's nothing more to complain about - great job guys!

For those who haven't tried weechat yet:
If you are looking for a decent client you can run e.g. in a screen to attach from anywhere in the world and that can handle all your servers and #s simultaneously, call off the search: you have found what you were looking for.
This isn't really charset enabled version
Posted by Stingray, 2007-01-06 22:12
In many localized IRC networks it is common to patch ircd to allow localized nicknames. So, it is really needed to convert the entire command with nick alltogether.
Re: This isn't really charset enabled version
Posted by Stingray, 2007-01-06 22:44
This is easily fixed though by converting entire argv[1] (I already did it here). Which is not good (still) is width calculation for multibyte chars in UI. It is obvious that nick | chat delimiter will drift left occasionally, depending on how many multibyte chars will be in nickname. But I think that the fix is also trivial.
Re: This isn't really charset enabled version
Posted by FlashCode, 2007-01-06 23:41
Russian users reported problem, it is now fixed in CVS. A new version will be released soon with this fix.