WeeChat: Version 0.1.4

Posted by FlashCode, 2005-07-30 11:16
WeeChat 0.1.4 is available!

News since last version are:
- new keyboard management, fully customizable
- DCC timeout and auto resume failed transfers
- new color for private messages (in hotlist)
- new colors for join and part/quit (arrows)
- customizable highlights with irc_highlight var
- command /amsg added
- channels auto-prefixed by "#" for /join command
- added time with seconds in infobar
- many bugs fixed.

Note for users upgrading to version 0.1.4 from old version:
Config parameter "irc_infobar_timestamp" should be modified to remove time.
For example, replace "%B, %A %d %Y - %H:%M" by "%B, %A %d %Y".

      -  WeeChat download page
      -  v0.1.4 ChangeLog
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